One of the leading travel destinations, not only in Greece, but also in the whole world, Santorini has its honor every summer, when it appears in all the international media! Santorini private tour can guide you to Santorini! Find at Emporio 847 03 and call us on 694 457 7918.

1. Holidays on a budget

I postponed my visit to Santorini for a long time, as I was sure that it exceeded my budget. Have you seen the place? It seems to be worth a million dollars and it is definitely not the amount I have in my bank account. Surprisingly, spending a budget vacation in Santorini is not as difficult as one might think.

The island, indeed, has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, but it also has plenty of hostels, with beds from € 10 per night. As for the food, I could live with the delicious snack, especially the souvlaki (€ 1-3) for weeks!

2. Sunset

One of the things that Santorini is really famous for is the beautiful sunsets! Whether you are a hardcore romantic or the type of person who watches zombie movies, without being timid, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset of the island.

3. Beaches

The romantic island has plenty of beaches, ranging from wild beaches full of hot black sand, to well-organized beaches, where you can enjoy your cold drink directly on your sun lounger. Before you discard the organized beaches, give them a chance Although I hate the busy beaches, I liked the beach in Kamari!

On days when I wanted a break from work, I would relax on a lounger in front of a tavern and get up at noon to swallow a Greek salad and some homemade wine at home … and even though the adventurer inside me was crying, I was happy.

4. Food

I loved wine and food in Santorini and more than all the fresh fish and seafood. Surprisingly, its volcanic soil offers many more delicacies, such as sweet grapes, local fava beans, while there is no shortage of fresh local produce.

5. History

The tiny island of Santorini has an incredible array of well-preserved remnants of ancient times. From the town of Akrotiri, buried under volcanic ash during the eruption of the 17th century BC, to the magnificent site of Ancient Thira, there is plenty of history that will keep you busy for days.

6. Shopping

“I think I increase the National Domestic Product a bit when I visit stores in Santorini,” Catherine Zeta-Jones is said to have said after a visit to the island. There are certainly many expensive shops selling jewelry and decorative figurines, but there are also shops where ordinary mortals can shop. If you’re a book lover like me, you’ll love Atlantis Books in Oia.

7. Locals

The people of Santorini are so friendly. You could be cynical, saying that tourism is more or less their only source of income, but for most, the courtesy was heartfelt and honest. Add to that the fact that pretty much everyone on the island speaks very good English and you will have the perfect destination for solo travel!

8. Animals

Like the people of the island, the animals are extremely friendly. They are, in fact, so cute that I decided to dedicate an entire article to the cute animals of Santorini.

9. Photography

Santorini is the ideal place for any budding photographer, because you can convince everyone that you are a professional. The whole island is a living postcard!

10. The islands around Santorini

If you are tired of the grandeur of Santorini, you could easily visit another island. The famous island of Mykonos is only 150 km away, but there are other amazing places, such as Ios, Milos or Naxos for something a little different.

In the middle of the Aegean, where the sun burns everything on the horizon and the white houses look like snow shining on the tops of the “burned” rocks, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The “lost Atlantis” for many Round may have been buried deep under the lava that has built the bottom of Santorini, but it highlighted Santorini, the old Kameni with the craters, the new Kameni with the springs that flow with sulfur and Thirasia, a a complex that looks like an active crater when the sun sets and paints the sky red with fire.

People flock to the tops of the caldera, to every possible free point to photograph this spectacle, which every person should definitely see before his life ends.

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